The seashore of Agia Fotini is a favorite of locals and visitors to the island. Located near the picturesque village Thymiana and the famous beach of nails. The pebbled beach with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and relaxing hours of enjoyment and wonderful nature.
The namesake hamlet that extends around the beach, in recent years and has great tourism development. In operating rooms, restaurants and cafes. If you prefer to stay a quiet area with easy access to the city and the sights of the island, then Agia Fotini Seashore is the perfect place for you.

Agia Fotini – Agia Fotia (meaning Holy Fire) for locals – is a coastal settlement built amphitheater overlooking the sea and the coast of Asia Minor, and is located 11 kilometers from the town of Chios. The seashore of Agia Fotini is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan beaches of Chios, with tiny stones and crystal clear waters, so this is the hangout for the youth of the island for the summer months.

The settlement is seasonal and available in shops along the beach with gorgeous beachfront street and the beach there are umbrellas and sunbeds charged 3 euros each.

Still there are restaurants that serve fish and has fast food, kebabs, cafes and mini markets!