Chios is an island in the eastern Aegean. Is only 3.5 nautical miles from the coast of Asia Minor and is the fifth largest island in Greece (904 m2). With a coastline of 213 kilometers, the island offers beaches hundreds of different aesthetics.

The soil of the island is the main part of the mountain, while just to the south and east of the island formed some plains. To the north of the island is the mountain with the highest peak Pelinaio Saint Elias (1,297 m).

In Chios there are no rivers. The island is known for its scenic landscapes, but also for its temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and rare summer rains. The winds usually blow northerly – northwesterly and the temperature ranges between 28-29 degrees Celsius.

Indicative follow notable destinations worth the visitor to wander the island.

Olympi cave

The cave of Olympi located in the central region of the (former) Municipality Mastichochoria , near the village of Olymp...

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