Next to the harbor of Emporios is a separate beach with all black stones because of volcanic origin, Mavra Volia. It is a secluded beach by the movement of the harbor and attracts the attention of all who visit the island for its crystal clear sea and the majestic scenery. Next to Mavra Volia is also pitch-black and the beautiful beach, the seals.

Mavra Volia locating in the southern part of the island, 5 km from the tower. It is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan beaches of the island, while an attraction as large black pebbles resulted from the explosion of a volcano next door at the prehistoric site. Specifically there are three beaches, one next to another, with the same name. The water is crystal clear. Also is deep dark blue color because of black pebbles.

The stones have a volcanic origin and beach located between two shredding cones Hephaestus. There are actually three beaches, each in a separate small cove. The most distant is natural and the most quiet and close to the first beach where all the restaurants and cafes. The water is quite clear and not too hot, and deepens abruptly near the shore. You can reach the beach by bus, taxi or renting a vehicle.