• Olympi Mağara

    The cave of Olympi located in the central region of the (former) Municipality Mastichochoria , near the village of Olympia and within walking distance of the villages of Pyrgos and Mesta. The cave of Olympi (Sykia) has a maximum depth of 57 meters, at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level. The central […]

  • Güney Sakız Adası, Sakız Ağacı

    In the tradition of Chios, the mastic trees began to shed tears when martyred Saint Isidore the Romans around 250 AD. Romans chased St. Isidore because they were fans of the Christian religion. Saint to escape fled near Mesta. At that moment there appeared a white horse with whom arrived as the Southern villages of […]

  • Güney Sakız Adası, Pyrgi

    The tower is the largest of the villages of Chios. It is very rich and very important from folklore, archaeological and linguistic terms. It is located in eastern – southern side of the hill Patella, oval, surrounded by a medieval wall, which is the outer wall of the end house. Because hardly hit by the […]

  • Güney Sakız Adası, Mavra Volia

    Next to the harbor of Emporios is a separate beach with all black stones because of volcanic origin, Mavra Volia. It is a secluded beach by the movement of the harbor and attracts the attention of all who visit the island for its crystal clear sea and the majestic scenery. Next to Mavra Volia is […]

  • Güney Chios Mesta

    Mesta is one of the best preserved villages but the most remote medieval village in the south (35 km from the city). It was built during the Byzantine period (14th, 15th century) and the form and architecture is unique. The houses are built side-by-side without gaps while leaving two gates for entrance inside the village. […]

  • Agia Fotini plajı

    The seashore of Agia Fotini is a favorite of locals and visitors to the island. Located near the picturesque village Thymiana and the famous beach of nails. The pebbled beach with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and relaxing hours of enjoyment and wonderful nature. The namesake hamlet that extends around the beach, in recent […]

  • Kuzey Chios Kardamily

    Kardamilla is the third largest town of the island (after the town of Chios and Vrontado). The city’s name has been preserved since ancient times, although the current version is more recent. It has a harbor, Marble, in the recess of a large bay downwind. The majority of the population is engaged in shipping. In […]

  • Batı Chios Volissos

    According to Strabo , the old town of Volissos was in the middle of the western part of the island , about the position of Elinta . In its current position, medieval, built to protect themselves from the inhabitants of the pirates . Built on a hillside of Mount Amani and on top of the […]

  • Batı Sakız Adası, St Markella’daki

    The largest pilgrimage made ​​in Chios is 22 July each year , the feast of St. Marcellus. For many years faithful from all over Chios (and not only) starting the night before the feast and goes walking to the church of Agia Markella , about seven km Northwest Volissos and 48 kilometers from the city […]