The tower is the largest of the villages of Chios. It is very rich and very important from folklore, archaeological and linguistic terms. It is located in eastern – southern side of the hill Patella, oval, surrounded by a medieval wall, which is the outer wall of the end house. Because hardly hit by the earthquake of 1881 and maintains internal medieval appearance. The streets are narrow, the houses tall, two and three storey and most contiguous to each other along the way, during the ancient time many houses were pyramidal roof (travaka in greek). The streets are very picturesque, and homes associated with the opposite arch (bow).

The houses of the square and others in the village have external calcareous coating strange, with different linear incised patterns (or ornaments), which, by some, is oriental style, in others not of Italian origin (STUCCO). This coating the various projects is called in the language of the village “xista” or scratched. The scratched almost always begin from the middle of the door and other over the door. The designs consist of squares, diamonds, triangles, many of them have bouquets in a vase, storks, tree branches, leaves oblong etc. The scratch made ​​by beginning with a good coating, then it becomes a second coat of black sand which brought from the Black sea glass, or Mavra Volia. When joined spend a third coating (lime) in which when fresh abrasive diabetes and ruler plans. After carve designs with fork and stays white. The engraved gets dark and then presented a strange quality soft terrain.